Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Backyardigans Birthday Cake

My daughter's obsession with the Backyardigans led me to create a Backyardigan-themed cake for her 4th birthday. She wanted a cake with Tasha and Uniqua hanging out in their mermaid garden. It was a fun cake to create, and my daughter and her friends were thrilled with it. It was kind of sad to see it get demolished so quickly. She even started to eat the gumpaste figures I made. (I had planned on saving them!). I can now sympathize with the people who pay big $$$ for my cakes, only to experience the heartbreak of watching them get cut up and eaten.


wordgirl said...

p, that's another masterpiece! you do such fantastic work! can't believe a. is already four! i know your main atlanta trips are off the table now, but i can't wait to come to austin or commission you for a cake. do you ship ups? ;-D

Allison said...

Oh, gosh, Benjamin loves the Backyardigans too! Sadly he doesn't like cake, so for his upcoming B-day party we're probably doing cupcakes (because he likes the frosting--he says, "Mommy, you eat the cake part.")