Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding Dress Inspiration

This past weekend was one of the busiest we ever had - 8 cakes! That's not a big deal for larger shops, but it's just me and my intrepid assistant, Chree. My friend Carri, who used to work at the Driskill with me, helps out on weeks like this. Also keep in mind that most of the cakes we do are very detailed and time-consuming, so 8 cakes is quite an undertaking.
Two of the wedding cakes last week were inspired by the brides' dresses. The first cake had 3 tiers of scalloped lace, each with a different pattern. On a small budget, we were able to incorporate some of the detail of each layer on each tier of the cake. By impressing the fondant with a pattern and piping royal icing, we were able to add detail and depth.

The second bride's dress was an ivory satin with lots of folds and ruching. We recreated the folds of the fabric with fondant and then airbrushed the whole cake with a pearl sheen. The camellia flower is made out of sugarpaste and was also airbrushed. All that extra fondant added several pounds to the weight of the cake - it was heavy!


Cheryl said...

Oh I love the scalloped looking cake!

TheRebecca said...

Paloma--these cakes are absolutely exquisite! Totally my style! I will remember this when I plan my own :)