Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby's Birthday Cake

We had a little party for my youngest daughter today. She's going to be 2, s0 I guess she's not really a baby anymore (sniff). Even though she has no clue what a birthday really is, she knew right away that the cake was for her and was very proprietary about it during the birthday singing. It probably didn't help that the little duck figure on the cake is a replica of her much beloved DuckDuckDuck, whose head she subsequently demolished.
The stacked present cake idea is a pretty versatile design and would work for any age, gender or celebration. I could see it as a fun over-the-top cake for a teenager (bar/bat mitzvah, sweet 16) or a cute version for a baby shower. It would also make a whimsical bridal shower cake, incorporating champagne, rings, and bridal fashion. The colors and design are what will set the tone for any cake in the stacked gift motif.
My other daughter's birthday is at the end of October - stay tuned for her cake!

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