Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pirates and Baby Shower Cake

More fun kids' cakes! Technically, the Cat in the Hat (don't sue me estate of Dr. Seuss!) is a baby shower cake, but it would be a fun birthday cake for any Dr. Seuss fan young or old. The pirate ship was for a VERY happy five year old boy. He couldn't believe the ship was cake! Seeing a kid's joyful reaction is really the best thank you.

Pirate ship detail - peg leg mate and one-eyed captain.
The sails and rope ladders were edible, too.

Thing One and Thing Two running around the cake.
Everything was edible!

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Deenah said...

Hi ! I saw the Dr Suess cake and fell in love with it for a friend's baby shower! I've only been doing fondant for about a year, and haven't done any figures yet, so I am a bit nervous, and would appreciate any tips you have, as your cake turned out so beautiful!! Thanks!