Friday, January 29, 2010

Teenager Cakes

In December I had 2 different people order cakes for teenage boys, one week after the other. I don't recall ever making a cake for a teenage boy besides a Bar Mitzvah cake, so this was going to be a fun challenge. I guess I'm getting old - I have no idea what teenagers are into or think is cool these days.
One cake was for a book lover, so we made a stack of some of his favorite books. The other boy is an avid skateboarder. What I know about skateboarding could fit into a thimble, but thankfully the mom was able to give me some insight into his favorite brands. We made the cake a halfpipe and plastered it with fondant logos and handpainted images. I'm not sure I get any street cred points, but the mom said he loved the cake, which is all that really matters.
Valentine's Day cake coming soon!!!

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albacoffie said...

I have to say, I am TOTALLY LOVING the Dekker cake!! Since you've made a cake from his books, I'd say you need to read them now. But be warned...You will become Obsessed(another really good book of Dekkers)!