Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Charming cakes for babies to teens

Girls of all ages adore cakes (including their moms)! These are some samples of cakes we've done for different girls, ranging from prenatal to 15, for a quinceañera. As kids get older, the cake takes on more of their personality. First birthday cakes tend to be cute and somewhat neutral. By 2 they know exactly what they like and you'd better make a cake with their favorite character or toy!
The quinceañera or bat mitzvah cake is the perfect opportunity to showcase the girl's maturing personality and style. I enjoyed doing this particular quinceañera cake because the girl did not want a typical pink frilly cake. She's a basketball player and felt like a simpler blue cake was more her style.
On another note, we're moving into a new space (hopefully in mid August) and will be documenting the progress of the remodel on our Facebook page. 

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