Sunday, May 8, 2011

Les Paul Gibson Guitar

I've never made a realistic guitar cake before, so I was glad to have the opportunity to make one for a wedding this weekend. The bride wanted to giver her groom a cake to replicate his Les Paul Gibson guitar. There's always added pressure when a cake has to replicate an object exactly, but I enjoy these challenges! Fortunately, my brother owns a Les Paul Gibson and was able to send me detailed photos. He lives in LA, but I called him a few times asking to measure parts of the guitar. Thanks, baby brother!
It is life size, and I can thank the nice people at South Austin Music for that. They let me trace a guitar onto parchment paper so I could make it true to size.
The best part was getting to watch the groom's face when he saw it! They happened to walk in from the photos and see the groom's cake.


Mums the word with Marianna! said...

This is really fantastic! I have actually been googling this as I would love to make one for my husbands birthday - he plays this guitar. Am I able to ask what you made the handle from? Is it fondant or wood, or something else? Just curious trying to get prepared!

Paloma Efron said...

Thanks for asking! The neck is made from thin foamcore covered in fondant. You have to let it dry overnight. Good luck!