Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vegan Wedding Cakes

Apparently we're the only cake shop in town that is willing to make vegan wedding cakes. You would think that in a city like Austin, you wouldn't have much trouble finding a traditional bakery that could accommodate a vegan diet. Not so according to my vegan brides. I have 2 weddings this weekend with vegan cakes - and they are surprisingly delicious!
A little bit of Internet sleuthing and a few tests in the kitchen yielded some delicious cakes. By far the best vegan versions were chocolate and red velvet. They were almost impossible to tell apart from the nonvegan version by my panel of experts - my husband and his soccer friends. The vegan carrot cake is also a good sub for the real thing. Here are the sources for the recipes, de rigueur food porn shots included:
Vegan Red Velvet
Vegan Chocolate
I find that oil-based cakes are better equipped for the transition to vegan. The white cake I made using Ener-G egg replacer had a good crumb, but it was a little too sweet for my taste. If they could find a way to recreate a vegan Swiss buttercream, then we'd have the perfect buttercream to accompany a vegan cake. I'll have some pics of the cakes after the weekend.


TJLoop85 said...

I am not vegan, but I am always looking for healthy dessert alternatives... and these cakes sounds delicious.

I'm excited to give them a try and will definitely recommend this to some friends that are looking for unique wedding cakes.


Cheryl said...

You've been bloggin' like crazy! Way to go you!

Lil Lady Les said...
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Lil Lady Les said...

hi Paloma!

this is Leslie, one of the vegan brides from that weekend. i've been meaning to write to you and tell you that my wedding cake was incredible. it was absolutely delicious. you even put the seasoned vegan bakers to shame! i have just received my wedding photos on Thursday and there are some great shots of your cake. i'll send them over to you soon!


john said...
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john said...

This cakes was both beautiful and absolutely delicious! I would recommend Liza to anyone for these wedding cakes. Thank you so much for creating a beautiful and delicious cake