Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Origami and bamboo

It's not every weekend that I have 2 cakes with bamboo as part of a cake's design. On the first cake, bamboo is the main design element. The clients' wedding not only had a "green" focus, but it was designed to be a bit retro and mod. The bamboo design fit in with the cool tiki lounge bar and Eames furniture (the house was so cool!). The cake is actually a simple straightforward round design iced in Swiss buttercream. It's the handmade sugarpaste bamboo stalks and leaves that make it unique. I also made the base look like faux wood to carry over the natural theme.(Sorry the pics are not great - the kids messed with the camera settings)

On the other cake, bamboo is just one design element in a cake inspired by origami paper designs. The bride wanted to have a cake that was a nod to the groom's Asian heritage. She also wanted to incorporate flying paper cranes since there were going to be paper cranes used as decoration throughout the reception (which was at the gorgeous One World Theater). The colors were also an important design element - they had to be just right. Fortunately, I have my old Pantone book from back in my graphic design days. I don't even know how many hours I worked on just decorating this cake, but it's one of my faves. Again, kids + camera = blurry shots. Now I know to check the settings.

Now I have to think if something yummy to bring to the Austin Food Bloggers potluck this Sunday. Hmm...maybe vanilla bean ganache cupcakes?

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Jodi said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog and glad the matzo crack was a hit! Funny that you made the cake for Justin and Sara's wedding. I was obsessed with their wedding pics. Looked like such a fun theme and your cake is really simple and beautiful.