Thursday, April 28, 2011

Austin Children Shelter Fashion for Compassion

It's easy to forget how fortunate so many of us are to have grown up in safe and loving households. I hope my kids realize one day how lucky they are to have loving protective parents. Unfortunately, there are many children in Austin who are not so fortunate to have that security. The Austin Children's Shelter provides a safe place for those children and helps them recover from any trauma they might have been through. 

I was more than happy to offer our services for the Austin Children's Shelter Fashion for Compassion fundraiser recently held at Saks Fifth Avenue. Our table set up was less about fashion and more about the making of it. The main display is a dress form made from cereal treat and fondant. The mini cupcakes (ancho cinnamon ganache!) were topped with white chocolate buttons and jewels. They were each dusted with a metallic luster dust. 
I didn't stay to attend the fashion show, but I was told they raised over $100k to benefit the shelter!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Folk Art Inspired Wedding

I love it when a bride comes to me not only with a unique vision for her wedding style, but who also wants a special cake to carry out the vision. Emily is one such bride I worked with, who not only was creative, but also a pleasure to work with. She decided on a Scandinavian folk art style for her invites, with blues and gold as her main color palette. There were other accent colors used throughout the venue (you can see some green and hot pink flags behind the cake). 
Once I get some more photos from the photographer, I'll post a link so you can see more of the wedding decor. I had a great time designing the cake and was thrilled to see the vision come through.