Friday, January 29, 2010

Teenager Cakes

In December I had 2 different people order cakes for teenage boys, one week after the other. I don't recall ever making a cake for a teenage boy besides a Bar Mitzvah cake, so this was going to be a fun challenge. I guess I'm getting old - I have no idea what teenagers are into or think is cool these days.
One cake was for a book lover, so we made a stack of some of his favorite books. The other boy is an avid skateboarder. What I know about skateboarding could fit into a thimble, but thankfully the mom was able to give me some insight into his favorite brands. We made the cake a halfpipe and plastered it with fondant logos and handpainted images. I'm not sure I get any street cred points, but the mom said he loved the cake, which is all that really matters.
Valentine's Day cake coming soon!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Poppy Wedding Cake

I haven't posted a wedding cake in a while, so here's a cute one we did for a small New Year's wedding reception. The bride wanted a contemporary design that wasn't necessarily "wedding cake-y" looking. I had a photo of a cute poppy vase she had given her mom which they thought would be a great inspiration for the cake design.
I knew I got it right when I delivered the cake, and everyone said it reminded them immediately of the bride and her aesthetic. I hope she loved it, too!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Junior League Tea Table

I tried to take a little break from any work the past 2 weeks with the exception of the few cake orders I had. That meant no blogging, too! I realized that I hadn't posted the cake I designed for the Junior League's Tearoom Topper. The tea service is one of the events they had lined up for the Christmas Affair they do every year.
This year's theme was "Wild in Africa".
I'm not going to get into the fact that most tables were safari/animal themed or crack any jokes about Africa being a country. I may be tired right now, but I can stay neutral. What I did design was a cake that was representative of the beautiful arts and crafts of Africa. I found gorgeous fabrics and jewelry made with shells and beads as well as intricate baskets. Some of the artisan baskets are stunning. These are not the baskets you find at Pier One and World Market. Most of my inspiration came from Mercury Design, an amazing design store on 2nd Street in downtown. In early November they had a display of African arts and crafts that the sales guy was gracious enough to let me photograph.
I'm not sure what this year's theme is yet. If I do it, it will be my third year participating. As for the next few weeks, I have lots of cakes saved up to show you.