Thursday, January 26, 2012

More than just cakes!

In addition to our fun and delicious cakes, we will be offering dessert bar options. As pastry chefs, we felt like non-cake desserts were missing in our otherwise sweet and charmed lives. Little did I know that dessert tables are all the rage now. These would be a wonderful addition to a wedding or the centerpiece of a bar/bat mitzvah or shower. For every occasion, I'm sure there is a way to fit a dessert table into the mix.

The above pictures are from a French-inspired dessert display. Strawberry mousse parfaits with lemon curd and strawberry gelee add a touch of bright flavor to the traditional French pastries set up of eclairs and madeleines.

Here we have a more rustic set up with whoopie pies, lemon meringue mini tartlets and mini bourbon pecan tartlets. The 3oz dessert glasses are filled with coconut cream cake.

A few other dessert cups we are offering are a green tea mousse with apricot gelee and a chocolate pudding s'mores. Everything is lovingly made from scratch here in the bakery! We've had tremendous fun in testing and sampling the recipes. I hope to have the menu finalized soon. Although we're not designing the tables, we can consult with you on ideas for themes and flavors. 
Some of the photos here were taken by GinnyB Photography