Monday, May 23, 2011

White-on-White Textures

I happened to make 3 lovely white on white cakes this week, and thought since it's so close to Memorial Day, let's showcase the all white wedding cakes. I'm a big fan of texture and love to incorporate it into the designs, whether or not there is color. 

The first cake was inspired by vintage milk glass designs that the bride planned on displaying at the wedding. The cake was actually pretty large - the photo is deceiving since it doesn't show the large bottom tier. This cake is all about texture, just like the milk glass designs. Every tier had a different design inspired by milk glass, whether it was the hobnail pattern or scalloped edging.

This cake's design was inspired by the bride's lace wedding dress. The leaf/branch pattern is flat while the flowers are textured, outlined and studded with different size edible pearls. This was one of those cakes where the design evolves as I play around with techniques and technology.

Anyone who has the Martha Stewart Wedding Cake book will immediately recognize this cake. While I prefer to create our own designs, part of the business is recreating wedding cakes found in magazines and websites for brides who request them. Rarely will I showcase them on the blog, but I just really love this design! The ruffles and wrapping add so much texture to a seemingly simple design.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Les Paul Gibson Guitar

I've never made a realistic guitar cake before, so I was glad to have the opportunity to make one for a wedding this weekend. The bride wanted to giver her groom a cake to replicate his Les Paul Gibson guitar. There's always added pressure when a cake has to replicate an object exactly, but I enjoy these challenges! Fortunately, my brother owns a Les Paul Gibson and was able to send me detailed photos. He lives in LA, but I called him a few times asking to measure parts of the guitar. Thanks, baby brother!
It is life size, and I can thank the nice people at South Austin Music for that. They let me trace a guitar onto parchment paper so I could make it true to size.
The best part was getting to watch the groom's face when he saw it! They happened to walk in from the photos and see the groom's cake.