Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Graduation Cake Inspiration

In addition to May weddings, we get a lot of requests for graduation cakes. Between high school graduations in early June and college graduations for the numerous Austin area schools, we get pretty busy. Sometimes people want a traditional style cake to represent their school colors or scholarly pursuits. The real fun comes when people order cakes to represent the grad's personality or interests. 

The Texas Tech cake is actually a high school graduation cake for a girl going to TX Tech. The UT cake is a popular option for a simple and straightforward design. All you need to do is change the colors and logo to make it work for another school.

I created this design for someone who might want a trendier design. Again, this could work well in any school colors. The advantage of a style like this and the ones above, is that they are a relatively economical choice and can be scaled to accommodate a smaller group.

And then we have Yoda. Most of the detailed custom graduation cakes we do are ordered quite a bit in advance to allow for some design time. It's a really wonderful process because I get to work with the parents, who are brimming with pride over their children's accomplishments. 
Whether you make a cake yourself, pick up a cake from the grocery store, or order a custom cake, everyone will have a great time celebrating this milestone event in a loved one's life.
We've got some fun personalized graduation cakes coming up this spring that I can't wait to share with you!

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